CEO, Andrea Gauntlett founded the Rough Diamonds in 2016 (formerly GLNPSL), after a departure from GLUFC, which she managed in 2015 and 2016. She has extensive experience in community service and the business world. She spent 10 years as an auto accident investigator with Allstate Insurance in both New York and New Jersey. A Jamaican native, she migrated to New York in the 1980’s and has resided in Tyngsboro since 2000.

Gauntlett, along with her husband Carl are parents of four. Carla, earned her MBA in Human Resources and is also a US Army Veteran veteran (THS class of ’03). Sheryl, was lauded “Tyngsboro’s World Traveler” (the Lowell Sun) and, is a freelance television producer (THS class of ’05). Leslie, was a THS Soccer Defensive MVP, and D1 college player. She is a doctor of the Optometry (THS class of ’09). Karl graduated from Nashoba Valley Technical High School where he was a 2-year Varsity Soccer Captain. He currently attends college in New Jersey, and played in the NPSL during the 2014, 2015, & 2017 seasons.

Gauntlett has always striven for greatness and she enjoys people to people interactions. She also likes to impact lives in positive ways. She started with her family and has expanded that outreach to surrounding communities. Gauntlett believes that hosting NPSL games is an opportunity to bring diverse people together and also showcase the talent within our different communities.